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Difference between Turbocharger and Supercharger

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Turbochargers and superchargers are known as forced induction systems. This means that either will compress the air flowing into your engine, which provides more power. This act of wizardry will crank out ft/lbs boost and add as much as 50% more power into your Mustang's engine. The main difference between the two is how they achieve this.

A turbo will use the exhaust from your Mustang to produce its energy. The exhaust gases pass through the exhaust pipping and a turbine which will itself spin the compressor. It does take a little while for the turbo to produce boost, which is referred to as "turbo lag", and can result in your Mustang lunging forward after boost is built during spirited driving. Also the size of your turbocharger can impact power with a smaller one producing more a lot boost faster, resulting in less turbo lag. The turbocharger is considered more efficient overall than a supercharger.

A supercharger's power outpu…